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At Nia our impact does not stop at portfolio construction. We use our RIA platform to advocate both with our portfolio companies as well as out in the world for issues of diversity, equality and sustainability. Below is a list of some of our most recent actions and engagements.

Response to new SEC rule change proposal

In November of 2019 the SEC proposed changes to their rules and regulations that would significantly impact shareholder's rights. We are active investors, creating open dialogues with our companies around best practices that will move us towards a just, inclusive, and sustainable economy. This new proposal would limit our access to company executives, ultimately putting a block in our line of communication. Nia has written to the SEC in regards to our concerns.

KFC and Pizza Hut: take deforestation off the menu!

Rainforests in both Asia and South America are being cut down and set ablaze in order to produce palm oil, soy, beef and paper. As a result this irresponsible practice is driving out many endangered animals that live in those trees. KFC and Pizza Hut, both owned by Yum! Brands have provided little to no transparency on their practices that may be contributing to this deforestation. Nia has signed on with Sum of Us to demand that Yum! Brands be more transparent in their practices and stop contributing to the decline of our rainforests. 

Request that banks support gun-control legislation

Nia and 43 other members of First Affirmative's investor coalition have reached out to 18 major banks requesting disclosure and action in regards to gun-control legislation. 

Take Action: Don’t let the Trump Admin. destroy Bears Ears

Our current administration is doing everything they can to open up what is left of Bears Ears National Monument to drilling and mining. Nia has signed on with the Daily Kos and The Trust for Public Land to demand that our public lands remain out of the hands of private corporations. 

Sign SB 24 into law

Many students at public universities are unable to receive abortion care on campus, forcing them to travel to access these services. SB 24 would require all on-campus health centers at public universities to offer medication abortion. Nia has signed on with NARAL Pro-Choice California asking for the support of reproductive freedom by signing SB 24 into law.

Tell Your Representative: Vote "yes” on bills to protect our coast from offshore drilling

The house will soon be voting on two critically important acts that would provide the most protection to our coasts we have seen in decades. Nia has signed on with League of Conservation voters to urge our representatives to ban offshore drilling from some of our most important coastlines. 

Investor Respect for Human Rights and the Case for Stakeholder Primacy

In the 1970s economist Milton Friedman popularized the philosophy know as "shareholder primacy". The premise being that shareholder profit is the sole purpose of corporations. At Nia, we feel that the sole purpose of a corporation is much more than simply generating shareholder profit. This is why Nia has signed on with Business Round Table on the release of an an updated Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation, opening the lens from shareholders to all stakeholders including customers, employees, suppliers and communities. 

Tell California Legislators to Tackle the Single-use Plastic Crisis

Single-use plastic continues to generate tons of waste, harm wildlife, and can even poison our air. Nia has signed on with Greenpeace to ask our California state legislature to vote yes on the California Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act to continue our fight against the single-use plastic crisis.

Get toxic glyphosate out of family brands like Cheerios

New studies have found dangerous levels of glyphosate in General Mills breakfast products. Glyphosate is a toxic carcinogen known to cause cancer. Nia has signed on with Sum of Us to demand that General Mills get glyphosate our of their supply chain.

Help California Reduce Plastic Pollution to Protect Our Oceans

Tons of plastic waste are dumped into our oceans each year. These plastics not only pollute our oceans, but are extremely harmful to the marine life and ecosystems that live there. Nia has written to Governor Newsom and our State Legislator asking for their support of SB 54, AB 1080, and AB 792. This legislation would reduce plastic pollution in both our oceans and the communities we live in. 

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