Adorable Jasmine, MPH

Client Services and Operations Manager

Adorable supports the Nia team in fostering long-term relationships with clients and Nia partners. She is also instrumental in implementing Nia community engagement and education efforts. Her dedication to financial justice education stems from direct social impact work within the public health sector. Adorable proudly earned her Master's in Public Health at San Francisco State University, where she researched best practices in addressing financial insecurity as a key social determinant of health, while simultaneously working alongside disenfranchised communities of color within the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

Her professional journey includes consulting with government programs, schools, nonprofits, community centers, and businesses within the Bay Area. From helping to establish wellness campaigns, designing and teaching social justice-based curriculum, and developing mini grants for local nonprofits, Adorable is dedicated to supporting clients and empowering local community members in embracing gender-lens impact as a key strategy for environmental and social change.

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