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Dave Inder Comar

Outside Counsel

Dave Inder Comar is the Managing Partner of Comar Mollé LLP, a corporate technology law firm. Well-known company founders, venture capital groups and private investors depend on Inder as an advisor to help them navigate the brave new world of 21st century business practice, particularly in creating powerful social impact through for-profit companies and investment vehicles. 

Inder is also the founder of Just Atonement Inc., a human rights legal non-profit that focuses on imminent threats to democracy, human rights, and a livable planet. In both his corporate as well as human rights work, Inder believes that a long term vision—measured in terms of decades and centuries, not just months or quarters—is an essential element of success that brings out the best in ourselves and in each other.

Inder obtained his J.D. from the New York University School of Law and earned an M.A. in Sociology and Bachelors of Arts degrees in Psychology and International Relations from Stanford University.