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Keertana Anandraj

Financial Analyst

Keertana joined the team in January 2021 as a Financial Analyst where she contributes to research and operations. Prior to joining Nia, she worked as a Research Associate at Franklin Templeton, identifying emerging markets in Eastern Europe for portfolio investment. She has long been passionate about social impact, volunteering with Initiate Justice to restore voting rights for people on parole, serving on the board of About-Face to increase media literacy among self-identifying teenage girls of all socioeconomic backgrounds, and supporting the Immigration Institute of the Bay Area in their efforts to expand throughout Northern California. 

Keertana is a contributing writer at The Financial Diet, a blog seeking to expand women's financial literacy. Through her work at Nia she hopes to apply this justice-oriented lens to bring change to the financial industry.

Born in India and raised predominantly in New Jersey, Keertana graduated from Wellesley College with a degree in mathematics and economics. In her spare time she enjoys exploring hiking trails in the Bay Area, experimenting with new recipes, and creating off-the-beaten-path travel itineraries.