Kelsey Puknys_Headshot.jpg

Kelsey Puknys

Summer Associate

Kelsey joined Nia’s team in June 2020 as a summer intern in the change the face of finance program. 

Kelsey is pursuing her degree in economics and sociology, with a concentration in health and society at the University of Chicago. Prior to joining Nia, Kelsey worked as a research assistant at the Booth School of Business. At Booth, she worked with Professors Jessica Jeffers and Simcha Barkai researching the effect antitrust cases have on their relevant markets. She also interned for Zego Foods, a San Francisco based company whose mission is to increase transparency in the food industry. 

Kelsey is interested in the power of businesses to create positive social change. In her spare time, Kelsey enjoys hiking in the Bay Area, cooking, and playing music.