Vanessa Lopez


Vanessa Lopez serves as Nia's Chief Operating Officer. She brings to Nia over 10 years of experience developing synergistic non-profit & for-profit structures. She has innovated to lead the strategy and execution of various market-based solutions to solve social inequities, including a blueprint for integrated community development in rural poverty in Central America. Vanessa is passionate about harnessing capital for social impact. 


Vanessa has a diverse talent set for optimizing operations. Her experience spans from creating administrative structures such as accounting systems, HR policies, and corporate governance to business development strategies such as marketing campaigns, impact reporting frameworks, and revenue diversification. She is passionate about finding the most cost-effective tools and technologies to support in solving challenges, and building them when they don’t exist. 


She enjoys helping her friends with their creative design needs, bringing people together, listening to vinyl albums, playing strategy board games, and spending quality time with her family.