Investing with Purpose

Nia Impact Capital invests at the intersection of social justice and environmental sustainability. We build a portfolio of forward-thinking companies poised to play a key role in our transition to an inclusive, just, and sustainable economy. We apply both a gender-lens and a commitment to racial equity across our investment decision-making process and live our values as a women-led team of activist investors. 

An Investors' Guide to Investing for Rac
From the Money Doula Blog

An Investors'​ Guide to

Investing for Racial Equity

​"From taking a knee, to blacking out our social media, to raising our fists in protest, many of us are experiencing outrage, frustration, anguish and empathy for all that is unfolding in our country. From committing to learn about white privilege, to taking steps to dismantle systemic racism and..."

The Nia Difference

Success with Shareholder

Resolution Activism

Nia Wins Shareholder Resolution asking for reporting on diversity and inclusion practices. Click here to read Kristin Hull's speech to their board. To read the full press release

click here.

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Have We Reached The Tipping Point In Racial Equity Investing?

"“I was part of the conference and really urged Confluence to have the pledge be about adding racial equity to the Investment Policy Statement (IPS). Instead they decided the ask would be to have a conversation. I am happy to see them doing something and yet it didn’t feel like enough during ..."

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Improving Women's Issues Leads to Better Investment Returns

​"Kristin Hull is having an excellent year. The CEO of Nia Impact Capital has just completed another 12 months of market-beating performance for her gender-lens portfolio, and if things go according to plan, a mutual fund version could be available soon. Gender-lens investing - incorporating..."

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In Impact Investing,

a Generation Gap Persist

​Our Founder Kristin Hull is featured in the Wall Street Journal on the need for old-school investment managers to update their strategies: "There is increasing understanding that we’re living in a world where resources are not only finite but also under extreme pressure..." 

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Future Returns: Investing

with a Gender Lens

"Gender lens investing strategies have boomed in recent years, fueled by the #MeToo movement, increased awareness about how women often are treated, and a recognition that companies benefit when diversity and inclusion is fostered..."

Meet Kristin Hull, Ph.D.


Kristin launched Nia Global Solutions in 2013 to bring activism and impact investing to the public markets. In doing so, she developed Nia’s six solutions-focused investment themes, weaving a gender-lens throughout the investment thesis. Prior to Nia, Kristin served as President and Chair of the Board of the Hull Family Foundation from 2007 to 2011, where she oversaw all investment efforts, transitioning the endowment from a traditional investment portfolio to the country’s first 100% mission-aligned impact investment portfolios.


Visit Kristin's Money Doula blog.

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