Investing with Purpose

Nia Impact Capital invests in forward-thinking companies poised to play a key role in our transition to an inclusive, just, and sustainable economy. We apply a gender-lens across our investment decision-making process and live our values as a women-led team of activist investors. 

​"OAKLAND, CA, Oct. 21, 2019—Nia Impact Capital has topped $100 million in assets under management, reaching $108.76 million at September 30, as its Nia Global Solutions Equity Portfolio has beat the S&P 500 year-to-date (+23.44% vs. +20.55%), trailing one year (+5.03% vs. +4.25%) and trailing three years (+14.64% vs. +13.39%)."

Nia Global Solutions Equity Portfolio Tops $100 Million in Assets

​At Nia we go beyond identifying companies that build strong products and services. Management practices and leadership composition matter as well. We select exclusively those businesses where the executive team demonstrates commitment to diversity, transparency, employee engagement, and ecological sustainability.

Aligning Assets with Values

"Marie Kondo, with her New York Times bestselling book and wildly popular Netflix show, is sparking joy across the nation. With her simple, yet highly effective organizing plan, she is inviting all of us to experience the “Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” I personally..."

Sparking Joy with our Finances: Life Changing Tips to KonMari

Our Investments

​"Kristin Hull is having an excellent year. The CEO of Nia Impact Capital has just completed another 12 months of market-beating performance for her gender-lens portfolio, and if things go according to plan, a mutual fund version could be available soon. Gender-lens investing - incorporating..."

Improving Women's Issues Leads to Better Investment Returns

​Our Founder Kristin Hull is featured in the Wall Street Journal on the need for old-school investment managers to update their strategies: "There is increasing understanding that we’re living in a world where resources are not only finite but also under extreme pressure..." 

In Impact Investing,

a Generation Gap Persist

"Gender lens investing strategies have boomed in recent years, fueled by the #MeToo movement, increased awareness about how women often are treated, and a recognition that companies benefit when diversity and inclusion is fostered..."

Future Returns: Investing

with a Gender Lens

Meet Kristin Hull, Ph.D.


Kristin launched Nia Global Solutions in 2013 to bring activism and impact investing to the public markets. In doing so, she developed Nia’s six solutions-focused investment themes, weaving a gender-lens throughout the investment thesis. Prior to Nia, Kristin served as President and Chair of the Board of the Hull Family Foundation from 2007 to 2011, where she oversaw all investment efforts, transitioning the endowment from a traditional investment portfolio to the country’s first 100% mission-aligned impact investment portfolios.


Visit Kristin's Money Doula blog.

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