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About Us
The Nia Team walking up a hill

About Us

Kristin Hull

Kristin Hull
Founder & CIO

Our Story

Nia (neeh-ah): Swahili for Intention and purpose.

Nia Impact Capital is a women-led impact asset management firm headquartered in Oakland, California. We have been a leader in impact investing since 2007 when Kristin Hull, Nia founder, established the first 100% impact invested foundation endowment.


Kristin founded Nia to make it easier to invest in what we view to be high impact solutions needed for people and planet. Nia’s flagship Global Solutions portfolio was initially launched in 2013 to bring concentrated impact portfolio investing into the public markets. Investment research is based on Nia’s six solutions-focused investment themes, first developed in 2012.


We weave a gender-lens and a commitment to racial equity throughout the investment process. We are conscious investors, empowering our clients to invest for the world they want to see. We are also activist investors, identifying what we consider "best-in-class" companies and engaging with each of our holdings to encourage them to be even better for our environment, their employees and communities.

Leading the way: Nia's path of impact

Pioneering a Path of Impact (Timeline)
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