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Purposeful Retirement

What is your retirement funding?

All investing has an impact. Is your money invested for a positive impact?


What is your retirement plan funding?

Does your retirement account match your values and reflect your vision of the world that you want to live in?

Is your retirement plan poised for growth as we transition to the next just and sustainable economy? Or is it invested in the status quo?

Did you know you can direct your dollars into companies that support a sustainable future while also growing your assets to support you in your retirement?

Like many Americans, chances are you had no idea. Currently, virtually every retirement plan in the U.S. has some amount of exposure to fossil fuel investments. Unfortunately, many of the default options for retirement funds include companies that do not align with a sustainable future.


It is also very likely that your retirement funds are being invested in “default” options that generally consider your life expectancy, some amount of risk tolerance, and a target financial return as the only factors that will help you reach your retirement goals. Yet, there is more to consider!


If you are like us at Nia, you want to ensure your investment dollars are working for positive change and staying out of destructive industries such as private prisons, fossil fuels, weapons, and war. We encourage you to look deeper into what your retirement is funding. You have more control than you may realize. Check out our resources below and take action in aligning your retirement with your vision for the future.

The Nia Team deliberating on purposeful retirement
The Nia Team exploring sustainable investments for your retirement

How retirement accounts work

Your company may offer a retirement plan, such as a 401k, 403b, or traditional IRA, which you contribute to.


These retirement accounts are managed by asset managers, who invest your money into the stock market via mutual funds, to grow your money and invest in your future.


The funds in your retirement account are typically invested in a variety of companies that drill for oil, manufacture weapons, produce plastic, and profit from private prisons and forced labor.

Steps you can take

1. Identify your core values and what types of businesses you’d like to invest in.

2. Find out who your retirement plan administrator is, and where your retirement account is held. If you do not know who your plan administrator is, you can start by reaching out to your Human Resources team. They will know.

3. Once you know who your retirement plan administrator is, you or your HR team can reach out to them to let them know that you’d like to see more environmentally focused, ethically run and values aligned investment options.

4. Use As You Sow’s employee action resource center to find ethical and values aligned investment options.

5. Direct your retirement plan administrator to invest your dollars into funds aligned with your values.

Sustainable future and purposeful retirement
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