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Nicole Dodson

Communications and Operations Manager

Nicole serves as Communications and Operations Manager, bringing over nine years of experience in the financial services industry to her role at Nia. Her focus on client service and operations translates into a talent for building strong relationships and developing efficient processes that ensure exceptional client experiences.


Prior to joining Nia, Nicole served as the Director of Operations and Shareholder Engagement at Change Finance, PBC. In this position, she played a key role in leading and contributing to investor-led coalitions focused on critical issues such as women's rights, political transparency, and climate initiatives. Her contributions included helping to successfully negotiate a withdrawal of shareholder resolutions for expanded healthcare coverage for women at a major retailer (including doula coverage and expanded reproductive benefits) and increased reporting on political spending at a major financial institution.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and attending her children's sporting events. An avid reader, Nicole reads over 100 books annually.

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