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Our Preferred Vendors and Service Providers

At Nia, we know that every dollar counts. Just as we create investment portfolios so investors can direct dollars toward solutions-focused companies with diverse leadership, when shopping, we incorporate our values as well. When looking for vendors, we choose to keep our money in our local Oakland community whenever possible. We prefer to contract with women and people of color owned businesses. When it comes to printing (we try to do very little of it yet when we do), we look for 100% recycled paper. We also look for businesses that are socially conscious, are involved in the circular economy, and that contribute to our community.


Why we love shopping with Hannah at Loakl:

Look out Amazon! This local business helps you find the book you are looking for from local independent booksellers. Nia is always looking for ways to support our local Oakland community, and by purchasing our books locally, we keep the money right here in our community, instead of sending it to a distant online retailer.

Why we love Keba and his Red Bay team:

Red Bay Coffee is a great local business committed to creating employment opportunities for people of color within the community at large while fostering single origin, fair trade, direct trade, organic and sustainable coffees. Their vision for a world in which coffee is a vehicle for inclusion, social and economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, innovation, and environmental sustainability is inspiring. And of course, their coffee is delicious!

Why we love them:

Numi, located in Oakland, is rooted in the belief that businesses can and should create healthful products that nurture people and honor the planet. You will undoubtedly have difficulty deciding which Numi tea is your favorite, as they are all yummy.

Whistle Stop Capital, LLC, works with asset owners and advisors to increase the expression of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) priorities within investment portfolios. Led by Meredith Benton, Whistle Stop develops strategies intended to increase the long-term value of investments while creating sustained ESG improvements.  Meredith Benton has led numerous successful shareholder engagement programs, conducted extensive analyses of corporate human rights and environmental practices, and directed the impact investment parameters of more than $2 billion in assets.

Why we love them:

Local woman-owned business with more than 20 years of experience and great vision for content strategy.

We love this women led PR team because they take valuable company information and give it maximum media appeal while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of sustainability in business. Their dedication to providing the best services possible fuels growth and helps clients deliver on their mission by expressing it in rich on-brand stories and messages. 

Why we love Lara for trade mark law:

BrandGeek is a woman-owned law practice focusing on intellectual property rights and supporting social enterprises that exist to make a positive difference in the world.

Why we love Inder and his team at Comar:

Inder Comar is a leader of legal innovation in both the corporate and human rights spaces for over a decade. He is caring, conscientious, strategic, wise and very knowledgeable.

Why we love them:

Woman-owned, independent business products supplier with great turnaround time, individualized customer service and wide selection of sustainable products. They also bring chocolate with every delivery. A nice perk!

Why we love them:

Woman-owned, socially responsible, promotional products. They are dedicated to providing environmentally responsible merchandise and helping customers make informed and responsible purchasing decisions. For every order placed with Eco Promotional Products, they plant a tree in your name as a way of saying thank you for being a responsible consumer.

Why we love Sara and the Dimauro team:

Woman-owned independent business with a proven track record of excellent professional painting services, in an industry where women make up only 6%. Sara and her team are detail oriented, thorough and thoughtful painters. Sara has an excellent eye for color as well.

Why we love Heidi and Tara for headshots:

The very best in photography! Local 2 woman team producing beautiful images and a fantastic experience as well.

Why we love them:

Highly experienced woman-owned business with good reputation for effective tax work and for treating their employees well.

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