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Nia team members smiling and gathered around a deck


First Nia Team Interns Training

Changing the Face of Finance

Women have been marginalized from making investment decisions for decades. Women make up 51% of the population, yet invest 40% less than men.* That means the decisions about what public companies and ideas are funded come predominantly from men. Nia trains and empowers women to invest in the very solutions needed for people and the planet, and to advocate for more diversity in corporate America.

What does mentorship look like at Nia?

Nia’s approach to diversity within its investing universe is something that caught my eye from the start. I was able to see how beneficial it is for a company to have a diverse and inclusive team and board of directors. In short, my experience at Nia is constantly showing me that finance and activism are intrinsically related and that it is something that needs to be worked on and enhanced in the world of finance.


-Paula2020 summer intern, current Content Associate

Paula Virginia Castillo Barros candid shot

What our interns say

Mountain Road

Summer 2023 Intern

I learned about the stock market in school, though it wasn’t until interning at Nia that I learned about ESG and how the environment plays into investing decisions. I grew a lot in my thinking and understanding about investing at Nia.

Mountain Road

Summer 2023 Intern

I really appreciated the culture at Nia. I thought the culture I experienced in meetings within my small intern group was very positive and I felt that I could ask questions without being judged. In terms of meetings with bigger teams, I always felt included and encouraged by senior members at Nia. There is nothing that I would want to change about the Nia team. The culture at Nia is one of the main reasons why I was able to learn and grow so much.

Mountain Road

Summer 2023 Intern

Overall, I think I've gained very useful insights into market trends and investing. In particular, I sharpened my research skills through all the projects we did regarding diversity metrics and fundamental analysis. I think doing the fundamental analysis for the racial justice portfolio was the project where I gained the most skill, as we conducted holistic research on the company both quantitative and qualitative. Another skill I gained was synthesizing information and presenting it in a comprehensible way.

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