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Tuti Scott

Strategic Advisor

Tuti Scott is a facilitator, speaker, coach and author. Building on a 30-year career in women’s leadership, Title IX protections, and philanthropic consulting, Tuti is currently focused on engaging people in conversations around justice, money, and power via workshops with the Freedom School and Invest for Better. She is the producer of “Women & Money – Making Money Moves that Matter”, a curated online community focused on turning knowledge into action in the social justice philanthropy and values-based investing arena.


For 15 years Tuti’s firm, Changemaker Strategies, has guided organizations in navigating growth, leadership transitions, succession planning, and building out business development and strategic agendas. Multiple clients (Equal Rights Advocates, Women’s Fund of Mississippi, Union Theological Seminary, Root Capital) had strategic plans and talent development resulting in multi-million-dollar campaigns under Tuti’s executive coaching and guidance. She has been a lead consultant

Tuti Scott

in philanthropy working with Women Moving Millions, the Jewish Women’s Funding Network, the Women’s Funding Network, and their member funds delivering more than 90 workshops for board leaders, staff, and donors.


Tuti had an in-depth, decade-long tenure with Tides, a global foundation and social venture accelerator that has launched hundreds of social entrepreneurial organizations in its 40-year history. Tuti served on the board from 2010-2020 with three years as Board Chair. In July of 2019 Tuti stepped into the role of Interim CEO of Tides for 18 months. In that role, Tuti oversaw Tides’ 1100 employees and 600 partner and key stakeholder relationships enabling the organization to mobilize $1.3 billion and process 45,000 transactions in 2020 during the global pandemic.

A life-long athlete and point guard, Tuti engaged thousands of donors at the Women’s Sports Foundation, Billie Jean King’s charity, where she served on the senior leadership team in multiple roles growing the organization from 8-60 people. Her role as the culture carrier for the premiere women’s sports organization culminated in serving a year as interim co-CEO in 2007- 2008. In that final year, her team raised $17 million of the total $70 million raised over her 15- year tenure.

Tuti’s publications include Money, Gender, and Power – A Guide to Funding with a Gender Lens (2019) and Moving Money for Impact – A Guide to Investing with a Gender Lens (2020). She is a member of How Women Invests Venture Capital Disruption Committee, the National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers, a Coralus Activator, and a former board member for Women Win and the Women’s Funding Network.

She is in her element uplifting and inspiring fierce women, women of color, and lesbian feminists on the front lines of systems change. Tuti enjoys navigating the water on her Gloucester dory or paddleboard, cross country skiing, dancing, walking in nature, and making meaningful handmade presents for loved ones.

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