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Impact & Activism

When women lead, they are at the table to make policy decisions that reflect the needs and priorities of their broad communities. This gender factor is especially important for the legal landscape surrounding reproductive rights. The last few years have been devastating for women and girls in the United States as the Supreme Court stripped basic human rights over our bodies. As investors we use our voice to encourage our companies to take a stand to support their employees in these brazen attacks on women's reproductive freedom. Our activism has included pushing for travel policies that protect employees seeking abortions, expansion of access to reproductive healthcare, and encouraging our companies to take a public stance in response to these attacks on reproductive rights. In addition to requiring women in leadership, and holding our companies accountable, we seek to model the behavior we expect of others. We are proud of the example we set via our own hiring and employment practices, our giving and donation practice, our prefered vendors and of course, our investment approach. 

Various portfolio holdings

Resulting from the Dobbs v. Jackson decision, our team mobilized to demand action from our portfolio companies to protect reproductive rights for their employees. We made calls, wrote letters, and met with several of our portfolio companies.

Our engagement on this issue resulted in some of our portfolio companies making amendments to their health care policies, offering to pay for travel for employees to access reproductive healthcare, and more.

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